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July 28, 2008

Top 50 Universities ~ The Webometrics

The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is produced by the Cybermetrics Lab (CINDOC), a unit of the National Research Council (CSIC), the main public research body in Spain. It offers information about more than 4,000 universities according to their web-presence (a computerised assessment of the scholarly contents and visibility and impact of the whole university webdomain).

The Webometrics Ranking is built from a database of over 15,000 universities and more than 5,000 research centers. The Top 4,000 universities are shown in the main rank, but even more are covered in the regional lists. Institutions from developing countries benefit from this policy as they obtain knowledge of their current position even if they are not World-Class Universities.

I would say that looking at the top 50 universities, it is biased towards the US universities.
MORE RANKINGS... check out the Official Website (top 4,000) ~ Credits goes to this website.
Let's look at the Top 50 UNIVERSITIES ranked by them...




SuE RaY said...

i want 2 get into ANU..
number 42..

hopefully sight never leaves me..

erm, oxford olwedi left d charts??
kinda weird..

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

you'll get into ANU...

actually it's better for you to compare and make an average ranking out of the rankings which have been published by all this different boards... or you can choose the one that you believe is the most reliable and accurate...

looking at webometrics... they were kind of like biased towards the US UniS... so, they neglected the UK UniS.. something like that.. :)

SuE RaY said...

hehe, thanx, taking SAM is reli hard n im hardly managing it rite now, striving hard 2 break tru d barriers..

i took a look at d other 1 u had, d 100 best U's, n ANU was ranked higher..
herm, but actually MacQuarie is d best in Actuary in Aussie..
ranked number 1 in actuarial science..
juz try my best n apply 2 both..

donno where else 2 reply, so i'll write it here, INTI-UC in nilai..
not d 1 in subang behind taylors.. :P hee hee..

herm, letz see, i wuz born in adelaide n grew up in brisbane tru same reason s u were born in US i tink..
parents studied in aussie..
masters n phd..

is it true dat u got 2 keep ur US nationality??
so totally coolio ley..
i din get 2 keep mine, wen i changed my nationality 2 malaysian, str8 away droped d aussie 1..
kinda sad..

niway, u're reli nice..
great 2 noe dat human compassion still exist in humankind..

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

Ammar 2 Sue Ray,

yeah i heard from my friends that SAM is quite tough.. i mean u have to get quite a high percentage to pass, right???

I suggest that you just apply even if you think that the chances are small.. i did apply to those hard-to-get-in Unis... even though, i didn't manage to get in... (obviously, the 'hard-to-get-in' explains all...), i gain a lot of experience from the interviews and from the whole process of the application...

Yeah, i know where INTI is situated.. i've been there once :)
hope to have the chance to visit there some other time.. (after i fly lah)...

At this moment, i would say yes.. i don't know for the years to come... actually at first i thought that i have lost my nationality, but then when i applied for visa, they ask me to apply for US passport..

but no big deal.. i'm proud of being a Malaysian!!! Malaysia BOLEH!!!!

really nice?? hmm think bout that twice.. i don't think so :) :)