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September 20, 2008

US News and Report 2009

Hi there,

I haven't posted at this blog for quite a while (almost a month) and i would like to start this month's post with the US News and Report 2009 NEW rankings which have been published recently... this post will most definitely benefit those who are planning to find a university in which is highly ranked (overall or for certain specific courses) and at the same time suit the person applying to that particular university.

NOTE: rankings might vary from one publisher to another. When you are apply to the universities intended - it's your choice. The rankings might not be 100% true. Don't let the rankings affect 70% or more of your decision.


Previously the US News and Report did not reveal most of the rankings.. but for the new 2009 release.. they would like to share with you guys most of the rankings FOR FREE!!!

Here, i would just put the links so that it is convenient for you to search for the rankings.

main website (rankings)
national universities : top schools
best graduate schools (PhD and Masters)
best undergraduate engineering (choose second box - school whose highest degree is a doctorate)
best undergraduate business (includes accounting, finance, etc)