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September 20, 2008

US News and Report 2009

Hi there,

I haven't posted at this blog for quite a while (almost a month) and i would like to start this month's post with the US News and Report 2009 NEW rankings which have been published recently... this post will most definitely benefit those who are planning to find a university in which is highly ranked (overall or for certain specific courses) and at the same time suit the person applying to that particular university.

NOTE: rankings might vary from one publisher to another. When you are apply to the universities intended - it's your choice. The rankings might not be 100% true. Don't let the rankings affect 70% or more of your decision.


Previously the US News and Report did not reveal most of the rankings.. but for the new 2009 release.. they would like to share with you guys most of the rankings FOR FREE!!!

Here, i would just put the links so that it is convenient for you to search for the rankings.

main website (rankings)
national universities : top schools
best graduate schools (PhD and Masters)
best undergraduate engineering (choose second box - school whose highest degree is a doctorate)
best undergraduate business (includes accounting, finance, etc)


c's radin said...

Thnx for d info.. (though isnt for me, rite?=P)

huhu..btw, when we talk about rankings watsoeva.. a thing would come out,which always be neglected, how da student could cope wif those things.. da requirement, stress management n ect..

my sis in law,was studying MEch Engine for her Master kat Imperial College.. once, i did story about our snr yang katanya kecewa xdpt p harvard.. but then, she said, it's ok.. kat sne(harvard) life sgt dull n protokol mcm asrama .. tuh bse leader ke king-to-be yang p sne.. mmg used to have such life lah, cuma bagi kita je yang cam susah skit..

i do think, like kisas, no veryone could cope.. n for sumppl, better they get off..

da best isnt always da best for us..

as uve said, dun let da rankings affect more than it used to..

to be in da top instution is a nice desire,yet we should put many things in our consideration too..

sorry for bring dis matter up.. for earning da better future=)


ps study bek2 kat sne=)

myss said...

keep it up, bro;)
hehe.concentrate on getting 4.o ya.
(hm ade kaitan ngn post ni ke? ade la kot sket2)

Ammar Faris said...

To radin:
Yup, not really for you lah..tuk sape nak apply ke US..tapi no hal jer nak kasi comment..thanks for the comment yer...appreciate it very very much...

betul tuh radin... byk lagi things to consider.. tapi who knows mane tau kiter sebenarnye sesuai tuk persekitaran gitu.. tapi still kena check diri tuh betul..tepuk dada..tanya diri tuh tul2...boleh x cope..esp biler dah duk overseas kehidupan semua.. senang ke nak solat nnti?? nak baca quran?? de ke org nak correct kesilapan2 kiter?? nak tegur??

macam de senior KISAS kiter yg duk kat MIT dier sorang je melayu yg undergrad kat sana..tapi dier slalu join program2 islamik yg melibatkan student2 malaysia yg nak fhm islam..so at least..dekat lah gak ngn islam..

pastuh kena pandai gak lah kawan2 ngn muslims from different country...

tu je kot tambahan...

wow ur sis in law hebat..x kurang gak ko tuh sendiri...

thanks for the advice..

sorry lambat reply...

Ammar Faris said...

To myss:
Thanks sis..

hmm nampak mcm semakin susah je nak dpt 4.0..

hehehe..doakan lah yg terbaik tuk adikmu ini..

tgh exam final kan skang..

gud luck!!!

p/s: x de kaitan..tapi x kisah jerh...