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August 25, 2008

MMU (Malaysia ~ Memories ~ USA)

I was quite bz for a couple of days - there are a lot things to be settled (i-card - the official student card, health report, international student report, tb screening, class registration, etc). So, i would like to apologize for posting this quite late.

This entry is called the MMU in which stands for Malaysia~Memories~USA... Sweet memories in malaysia during the departure + My first time as a grown up kat US (it was like....Wow!!! I could not believe it that i'm actually in the US.. AMAZING!!!)

The pictures will explain the WHOLE SCENES as i started to embark on a journey i would never forget for the rest of my life... I admit... Tears did somehow dropped from my eyes.... :)

UPDATED.... Classes are 'so far so good'...Do have a look at the PICTURES and all the captions attached to them...TQ

Checking in...saat yg mendebarkan....

Thanks a lot to my family members (esp Ummy and Abah and Grandma a.k.a Tokma) for helping me with packing and stuffs related to it... really miss you all :) ~dua budak berbaju biru tuh my sepupu.....sorang lahir 3 July gak..hehe..

oh lupa thanks kak huda, and muaz for the books.. and thanks anas, zubair and salman (and muaz&kakhuda skali la) for being supportive... :)

My uncle walaupun sakit kaki..pun still datang... terharu-terharu....
(bergambar bersama my grandma, dua pakcik and dua makcik aku and their kids)
Sempat lah jumpa BAI (kwn KISAS), MU'AZ (kwn Al-Amin)... hmm BAI, zawir pe citer???datang ker x time tuh?? Thanks Mu'az for the 'fiqh luar negara' book....

Haha.. x sangka abang Mahfuz (kwn KISAS) pun fly satu flight... hmm Mahfuz jumpa di US yer.. :)

My boarding pass (first overseas boarding pass)... CLICK on the pic to get a bigger pic...

August 11, 2008

The Countdown...6,5,4,3,2,1...

Countdown can have two extremes. The scary ones - in which is depicted from the above picture. And the delighted ones - which simply mean you are going to be happy or relief once you reach that particular moment.

Which one is mine??? Looking at that 'Joker' picture, it is pretty obvious - Scary or loghat jawanya 'Cuak'...
Because there are approximately 6 days (why too soon??) before i'm leaving this beloved 'Boleh !!! Land' of Malaysia !!!
Then, it happens that at this particular week, I started to realize that there are still a plethora of things to be completed, a whole bunch of things to be learnt and a smorgasboard of unsettled business to be settled... :)

Banyak nye lagi!!!! Computer software banyak x master lagi, Taekwondo dah lama x sambung, Chess x sempat2 nak improve...Ilmu agama, masih kurang lagi...Amalan, kurang.....Hafalan qur'an lama x sempat2 nak ulang...kawan2 and cikgu2, banyak x jumpa lagi... Ish3... DAN BANYAK LAGI!!!

These are the few things that I've planned to complete this week (my last week in MAS):

  • ONLINE PLACEMENT TESTS - required by the university that i'm going to...the tests encompasses ...chemistry, physics and calculus.. in process of completing it....

  • VISIT MY FRIENDS AND TEACHERS - planning to visit my primary (SRI AL-AMIN KL) and secondary school (KISAS - sorry lah MAAHAD jauh sgt). Besides, hope to still have time to hang out with my friends....

  • VISIT MY 'ANAK MURID' - wanna take more pictures with them .. (for your info, i taught pupils at a primary school (SRI AL-AMIN GOMBAK) when i was waiting for my SPM result - good experience :)
  • POSTS AT BLOG: these will cover .... BBQ POST FOR EX-KISASIANS (sorry tangguh lama sangat), FUTSAL POST FOR EX-KISASIANS, BTN - a memorable camp, MY EXPERIENCE AS A TEACHER, BNM ANNUAL DINNER (yesterday), BNM PRE-DEPARTURE CAMP and many MORE !!! Nantikan....
  • PACKING ... hahaha... haven't packed my stuffs yet....

p/s: sorry x sempat2 nak update blog lagi.... nak reply comment and nak post post2 baru....

August 2, 2008

Gen51 - More students going to Egypt !!!

Yesterday morning was quite a shocking morning for me. Startled, dumbfounded and puzzled at the same time. I saw my friends' picture on page 4 of the Berita Harian paper in which made me proud and jealous(haha) at the same time. But wait, look at the title...

"Bawa Tuduhan Liwat...." ("Bring the sodomize case...")
Ha?? My friends... involved in this kind of case... haha ...

Wanna have a look at the news (in malay) :

[ wow bergaya lah korang... x aci tul ]

Penerangan dalam surat khabar x jelas (x de penerangan lengkap pun). So, aku tanya lah adik aku, mane lah tau dier tau kan. Then izz 502 dah start tanya aku. Pe lagi, aku pun call saudara yang bakal berangkat ke egypt, saudara Nazrul Aizad kiter... INFO yang aku dapat....

  • It's a full scholarship from Amanah Raya
  • Bidang pengajian Islam
  • Scholarship di offer kepada 20 org. 15 daripadanya adalah from KISAS. Gen 52 pun ader gak dapat.
  • Bape org jerh tinggal kat KISAS tuk amek STAM (how dare U???)
  • Semua Gen 51 yg sedang belajar STAM kat KISAS dapat and akan sambung belajar kat Al-azhar tahun nih
  • InsyaALLAH fly 5/10/2008 (STAM beberape hari jer lepas tuh - so Nazrul ckp mungkin nak mintak fly lepas amek STAM)
  • Dorang akan wat macam matrik setahun kat sane..then baru amek degree (dlm 5 thn ek jangka mase??)
Bertambah lah batch kiter and dak2 ex KISAS yg akn study kat egypt.. Dengar2 Fuad, Fahmie Huweidi pun nak join din rahman kat Al-Azhar tuh. And I heard from Nazrul Aizad yang Sabiha pun nak tukar major and nak ke Al-Azhar, BETUL KER???

THANK NAZRUL FOR THE INFO (kalu salah, salah kan dier..hehe)