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June 30, 2008

UIUC - Where I Belong


Finally, I managed to finish this one. Yeah! Alhamdulillah...
[Ini bukan post untuk promosi.. :]

I belong?
What’s that?

Simply, it is the university where I belong. The place where I will be sparing my precious 4 years time studying and of course having fun (hope so)! The community that I will be mingling with - a serene community in which I belong to…
Why 'I belong'?
It is one of their trademarks. Even the first offer letter that I received had ‘I Belong’ at the back of the envelope…cool huh?
It looks something like this >>>

UIUC? [ If you want to look at the rankings scroll down ]
Because the name of this public University is quite long, there are quite a few names that you can use to refer to this University…

This is the official name:
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

*Note that Urbana and Champaign are the names of town and city in which UIUC is situated and Illinois is the state.

Another name:
University of Illinois

*There are two other Universities which share the name University of Illinois. Therefore, calling the name University of Illinois might raise some confusion if you want to refer to only one specific University.
The duos are:
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS)

The famous name amongst the community:
U of I

This is a quite common, easy to utter and a simple ‘nick’ name for the University. The U of I community really prefer it and use this name more frequent.

Why choose UIUC?
They have good rankings in Engineering and Business, both for undergraduate and postgraduate.

Rankings? Are you sure?
(Beneficial for those are planning on which Universities to apply - UIUC is good choice!)

Let me prove it to you.
US News 2008
No #38 – Best National Universities (Top 100)
No #8 - Top 50 Public National Universities

No #12 - Best Business Programs

No #2 - Accounting
No #5 - Actuarial Science/ Insurance/ Risk Management

No #5 - Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs
(after MIT, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley and Caltech)

No #1 – Agricultural
No #2 – Civil
No #3 – Engineering Science/ Engineering Physics
No #3 – Environmental/Environmental Health
No #4 – Electrical/Electronic/Communications
No #5 – Computer Engineering (My course)
No #5 – Materials
No #5 – Mechanical
No #5 – Computer Science
No #6 – Chemical
No #7 – Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical

The Times Higher Education Supplement QS – World University Rankings
No #73 – The World’s Top 200 Universities
No #19 – Top 50 Universities for Technology

Gourman Report
Not much difference with US News and Report 2008

How to get in?
1.Make sure you have taken or will be taking the SAT and TOEFL exam (for international students only)

Academic Profile for 2007 Admitted Freshmen – Middle 50%
SAT - 1250 – 1430
ACT - 27 – 31
High School Class Rank – 85 – 96%

TOEFL requirements – most colleges – 550(paper)/ 79(ibt)
College of Engineering – 600paper/100(ibt)

2. Apply and pay the fees online.
3. Write two simple application essays.
4. Fill in all your extracurricular activities and volunteer work that you have participated, work experience that you have gain together with the awards and honors that you have received. (some significant extracurricular activities will be sufficient)

For more info visit : http://www.uiuc.edu/


p/s: I'll be pursuing electrical and computer engineering there in UIUC.. wish me gud luck.. TQ

June 7, 2008

**Discover US Education**

Hi there.
  • Get JPA, Bank Negara, Petronas, MARA, etc scholarships to go pursue your studies in the US?
  • Want to know more about U.S Education and how to apply and gain admission into the universities in the US?
  • Desire to go to the Ivy League Universities (eg. Harvard Uni, Princeton) or Ivy League Standard Universities, but don't know where to start?
  • Have financial problems (did not get scholarships, come from a poor famiy, etc), but still intrigue to know more and futher you studies at the top Universities in the US? No fret! MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Yale University have someting to say about their 'need blind' policy and the financial aid that they are willilngly offering to the international students.
  • Secondary school students? Have dreams to go overseas? US is a good choice to consider. Even Ironman graduated from M.I.T (the no 1 engineering school in the US or perhaps the world :)

Then??Hmm... need not to wait. Let's buckle up and embark on the journey of the US Education. FREE ADMISSION !!!

Name of the Event: U.S.A For Students

Date, Day, Time: June 14 2008, Saturday, 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Venue: Dewan San Choon - Wisma MCA 163 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

LET's look at some FAQs.

What is U.S.A. For Students?

U.S.A. For Students is an education fair organized by alumni and current students of universities and colleges in America. We are doing this for two reasons: (a) to share with you our experience of education in America beyond what is provided in admission brochures and booklets and (b) to prepare incoming students for their initial experience in America.

Who is invited?

Basically, anyone who is interested in studying in the United States or just want to know more about education there. We have first-hand information because we’ve been through the nervousness about moving to a foreign country, the panic of studying with the mat-sallehs and even the pain of leaving our moms and dads and the precious roti canai and nasi lemak. Everyone is welcome! The more the merrier!

How do I be a part of this event?

Simply come! June 14, 2008 at Dewan San Choon - Wisma MCA. A special treat would be given to attendees who register online!

How to reach there??

Alternative 1 (Recommended ):-
Take Kelana Jaya Line LRT (formerly known as Putra LRT) and exit at Ampang Park LRT Station (one stop after KLCC from the direction of KL Sentral). Once exit, turn left and go up the escalator. Walk past Nikko Hotel and Menara Citibank. Wisma MCA is the building after Menara Citibank. It is approximately a 3-minute walk.

Alternative 2:-
Take Kelana Jaya Line LRT (formerly known as Putra LRT) and exit at KLCC Station. Walk along Jalan Ampang towards the direction of Nikko Hotel. Walk past Pelita Nasi Kandar and a temple and you will reach Wisma MCA. Wisma MCA is opposite Corus Hotel. It is aprroximately a 7-minute walk.

Do I have to pay an entrance fee?

No! This event is FREE! We are doing this pro-bono, meaning free-of-charge.

How to I get more information about this event?

Simply go the website - http://www.usaforstudents.org/

or you might want to have a look at last year's event.

What should I prepare?

There are several things that can be prepared. But they are all optional.... (Bring your body and be present, that is the most important thing:)

1. Questions. You might wanna jot down and think about some appropriate questions to ask the current students, alumni, speakers, etc.

2. List of Universities. It is recommended that you make a list of universities that you are planning to apply. So that you know which universities are in your highest priority because there will be around 50 universities participating.

About the list

I suggest that you divide your list into two - dream/best schools (US people like to use the term 'schools' for universities), and also back-up or back door schools. You should be aware that some universities are really highly selective that they admit only a few of international students every year. Like MIT, this year, they only admitted one out of 80 Malaysian applicants who applied.

And i recommend that you make your list according to specific ranking rather than general ranking and surely if you are scholars of any sponsors, make sure that you check with your sponsors whether you are allowed or not to pursue your studies at the desired universities. (you can check with your sponsors once you have enrolled in the pre-U prog or check with your seniors at your pre-U prog, and usually the top universities will definitely be endorsed by your sponsors)

Here are rankings that you can look at online...

1. The Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings

Type: general world rankings, world rankings according to field (technology, natural sciences, etc)

download the full-color, PDF format, 2007 edition here.

2. US News & World Report

main website (rankings)

national universities : top schools

best graduate schools (PhD and Masters)

best undergraduate engineering (choose second box - school whose highest degree is a doctorate)

best undergraduate business (includes accounting, finance, etc)

* for undergraduate rankings, the rankings are limited, i have a copy of several parts of the book of the America's Best Colleges 2008 which offer more rankings. Therefore, if you want more info, please email me at friendfries89@gmail.com

and Many more rankings!!!...

there are few more links at the wikipedia website here and you can also read more information about university rankings there.

3. Requirements. Once you have the list of the universities that you want to go. Go check on their websites first. Look at requirements such as essay(s) (this is one of the crucial elements), SAT scores (whether you have to just take SAT 1 , or you need to take SAT 1 & 2 or you don't require to take both), TOEFL scores and etc.

4. Know about US admission exams. If you have not heard about SAT or TOEFL or know less about them. Quickly check on their websites. You can even try some sample questions. For SAT 1, you can subscribe for daily questions via email.

Simply go to http://www.collegeboard.org/ for SAT 1 and SAT 2 (SAT Subjects)

and www.ets.org/toefl for TOEFL

5. Just google what ever you want to know about US Education system or things pertaining to it. At least, you have a picture of it and it will be easier for you to come out with questions. The internet is a powerful tool, use IT!

Here are some useful websites that you can have a look regarding US Education.

http://www.recom.org/ , http://www.tinkosong.com/ , http://www.chenchow.blogspot.com/ ,


Am I (ammar faris) attending the US Fair???

Good question. I will say, 'yes', of course. Haha.. Meet you there.. Most probably, I will be at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign booth (near to Harvard University and Stanford University booth >> look at the floor map). I am also planning to sell some materials and books which will prepare you for SAT 1, SAT 2 and TOEFL and gear you towards EXCELLENT SCORES !!! Anyone interested, do email me.

You can also ask any question related to this topic.

Email me at friendfries89@gmail.com or just post your comment at this post. Thank you.

And if it does not burden you, do notify me (by email) together with some infos (such as prep place, name, previous school, course) if you kind of 'confirm' to attend this event, so that we can meet and discuss things at WISMA MCA..

Even though it will be held in WISMA 'MCA', it has nothing to do with politics, kay... :)

So, tunggu ape lagi. MARI JOIN!!!

June 6, 2008

WCIT 2008, What an Experience :)

This is the event that i was talking about in my previous post. The one that i have to put a great portion of commitment. Why? Simply because it was a 'World Event'. And the Malaysia image had somehow be reflected during this event. So let us have a quick Q and A session.

Reporter = Ms. Secret
VVIP invited = Mr. AAF

What is WCIT 2008?

WCIT stands for World Congress on IT. Held once every two years, the World Congress on Information Technology is a premier global ICT forum that brings together global leaders in business, government and academia. Often billed as the Olympics of ICT, it impacts global economic and social development through the exchange of policies and ideas on technology.

In 2006, the event was held in Austin, Texas, US. Luckily, this year, Malaysia was chosen to host this remarkable event. And the next WCIT 2010 event will be held in Amsterdam, Holland. For more info regarding WCIT 2008 , you can visit the official website.

What drives you to be involved in this event?

At first, i didn't even know a single thing about this event. But then, during my Cornell University interview (there is a post about this), the interviewer asked me 'if you can bring a speaker to Cornell University, who would you like to bring?'

Nervous and stupified at that particular time, i spontaneously answered "Bill Gates" with my reasons to support my answer. Then, Mr. Chen Chow, inform me about the event, and that Bill Gates will come and give his speech. (even though eventually, he didn't come, but instead, he appeared in a holographic way for only 5 minutes!!! hahaha)

So, i started to look for the official website, applied to be a volunteer online, and had a short interview at the WCIT 2008 office at Damansara.

It is a world event, so what kind of preparation did you and the rest of the volunteers have prior to the real event (18 - 22 May)?

We had two training sessions. One on the 13th of April and one on the 10th of May.

It is a whole-day traning sessions. The former emphasized more on team work (there are a lot of games and such exciting stuffs) and the latter was more geared towards the real event and that means LECTURES and BOREDOM!!!...hahaha.. Anyway, the most memorable part was the food.. Luxurious and scrumptious meals... :)

The game below was called 'Towers of Breath" .. at first we had to stack the balloons of our team members and make a tall tower. The highest tower wins. Then, after that part, we combined all the balloons....
until it became something like this.....>>>

Oh! Forgot to mention... besides the meetings on the 13th of April and the 10th of May.. there were small-scale meetings as well. So, our team, The EC (Enquiry Counter) Team had a meeting in Bangsar once, and two meetings at the KLCC Convention Center (the place the main event was being held).

What was your job or role during the event? And what other jobs/roles were offered?

I had mentioned the phrase 'EC Team' just now.

There were only 8 of us in the Enquiry Counter Team. From the name of the team itself, you can guess what was the role all about. In summation, we had two booths (one in level one and one in level three of the KLCC Convention Center)... we kind of knew everything that was going on that time, and we sort of must-know.. where all the suraus , the washrooms, the ballroom, the conference hall, and the rest of halls are situated. And we must know how if the delegates (the people who payed a certain amount of money - the event fee in which was quite expensive, and they get to hear all the talks and whatsoeva things pertaining to the event), the VVIPS or the Speakers want to go back to their hotels, or are lost, or have problem with their flights, or want to find the nearest STARBUCK!! hahaha..

Maaan, Enquiry COunter..people ask stuffs.. what do you expect???

Other jobs/roles were like usherers, food and beverage people, those who have to standby at the airport for the arrival or departure of the delegates, registeration counter people and etc.

Really proud to be in the EC Counter Team :)

(from the right: Edlyn, Aisyah, Jian, Haizun, Sabrina, Naza, Denise and Me)

What advantages did you get from this event?

LEt me lists some of the advantages:

1. Get to meet people from all over the world as it is a world event.

2. Get to meet (or see) VVIPS, MOSTI and other Top government people, Top IT people and etc.

3. Get to brush up my english (speaking) and feel how is it like working at the enquiry counter (you will receive some unsatisfied customers, but thanks God, during the event, most of the delegates were happy with our services)

4. Learn to be more courteous with phrases like "Good morning, Sir/Ma'am. May I help or assist you?"

5. Get to meet people from IT companies ( i met one and still keep in touch with this guy from California USA) - if you interested in this kind of thing.

6. Learn soft skills and learn how to deal with problems.

7. Make friends with the volunteers who participated. Here are some pic of my new friends. Not new anymore.. hahaha..

8. You won't complain about the scrumptious meals that they provided for the volunteers.

9. Get to take pictures with CEO like the one bellow.

(picture of Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali, CEO of MDEC and Dato' Dr Ir. Ammar - hehehe)

10. Money!!! Hahaha.. we are paid per day...

Do you have any advice to give to anyone who hasn't tried volunteer work?

As long as the volunteer works are noble, beneficial, legal and do not contradict with your religious views (x bercanggah dengan syariat Islam sebagai contoh), and your country laws and you have some free time, Why NOT?
But you need to put a huge amount of commitment to the volunteer work that you will be doing. Don't do it just for the sake of money (if they give you some money lah).. but do it whole-heartedly for the experience and for the excitement. No fret! You can also put it into your resume and makes your resume look nicer...

And REMEMBER !!!, some volunteering services are not offer publicly, you might have to search for it yourself (like the case of volunteering for WCIT 2008)... Go and search for volunteering work starting from now!!! Before it's too late... IT's FUN!!! Good Luck!

June 5, 2008

GuRu2 Ku... EnGkAu PeNYuLuH HiDuPkU !!!


16 Mei sememangnya merupakan tarikh keramat yang akan diingati oleh setiap insan yg digelar pelajar atau dalam loghat jawanyer 'student'...

Hari Guru tahun nih yakni pada tarikh 16 Mei 2008, disambut dengan penuh meriah di seluruh pelosok negara. Tidak lain tidak bukan untuk menunjukkan rasa penghargaan para pelajar kepada guru-guru mereka yang tersayang yang telah mendidik pelajar2 ini (termasuk saya) tanpa rasa jemu, serta penuh dedikasi dan kasih sayang. Didikan mereka terlampau tulus dah ikhlas sehinggakan ada yang merasakan bahawa guru-guru mereka adalah ibarat ibu bapa mereka yang kedua. How lovely!!!

Bertemakan 'Guru Cemerlang, Negara Terbilang'.. (yang semestinya disukai Pak Lah yg berpegang teguh dengan cogan kata 'Cemerlang, Gemilang, dan Terbilang'), sambutan hari guru di KISAS tahun ini yang diadakan pada 23 May juga sangat meriah dan bertenaga.

Sempatlah saya datang ke KISAS pada pagi hari, semata2 untuk saya sampaikan hadiah hari guru yg masih tersimpan erat di dalam kotak kecil yg diselaputi pelapik hitam pada saat dan ketika itu...

Saya bergegas sedaya mungkin daripada Rawang > LRT Stesyen Terminal Putra > LRT Stesyen Pasar Seni > Bus ke Klang > Klang > Bus dari stesyen bus kat kelang ke KISAS ...

Untuk pengetahuan rakan2. Itu lah pertama kali saya naik bus dari Pasar Seni ke Klang.. And saya actually macam agak2 jer lah yang ader bus ke Klang dari Pasar Seni (saya rasa Rasydan ader pernah bgtau saya kot). Alhamdulillah dengan berkat doa, tuk mencari bus ke Klang tuh x susah and yang buat saya lebih bersyukur ialah dalam 7 minit bus tu dah bertolak.. SO, maknanya?? Cepatlah saya sampai..

Memang risau... takut2 lah hadiah itu x sempat di tayangkan kat cikgu waktu majlis kat Dewan kat KISAS, Klang. Dorang first2 cakap majlis kat Dewan akan habis pukul 9.30 pagi untuk membuka peluang kepada guru2 tuk test bakat2 mereka and skills mereka dalam games di luar dan di dalam dewan.

Tengok jam. Dah pukul 9.15. Sempat ker nih???.. alhamduillah lepas tuh
dapat tahu yang peluang diberikan sampai pukul 10 pagi... (walaupun sebenarnyer acara kat dewan habis dalam pukul 10.30 - 10.45 pagi.

Alhamdulillah. Dalam kul 9.45 sampai kat pintu gerbang KISAS.. pe lagi.. LARI!!!! dah x ku penduli pun pak guard kat gate..hahhaa...

Maka sempat lah saya tayangkan 'hadiah' yang berada di dalam 'kotak hitam (hark disk sebenarnyer)' saya pada ketika itu ... SAKSIKAN...

sambil tuh nak ucapkan "SELAMAT BELATED HARI GURU" kepada guru2/lecturer2 di

Mark Twain Kindergarten, US
Tadika Amal, Lembah Keramat, KL
Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Amin, KL
SMU(A) Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki, Kelantan
Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (KISAS), Klang, Sel
ATU (American Top Universities) Prog, UNITEN, Bangi, Sel

(tuk tengok video nih..korang juga boleh gi ke link ini http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpSxv9DaBTI )

Yang sedeynyer.. ader problem sket dengan hadiah nih.. gambar x lengkap.. ader gambar yang laju and x seimbang... salah maklumat ...

So, first nak mintak maaf sebab x sempat nak letak semua org punyer gambar (batch 51 punyer gambar) - ader yang x kasi gambar.. so sorry yer...

Then, nak mohon sepuluh jari kat dak2 egypt KISAS especially yang muslimat... actually camni, dalam keje meng'edit' video and animation nih.. lepas semuanyer dah selesai, kena wat satu proses yg nama dier 'render' tuk combine semua element supaya video tuh smooth.. so lepas dah rendering yg makan masa agak lama gak.. baru sedar yang transition tuk gambar2 dak2 egypt muslimat agak laju sket.. So, sorry yer fathiyyah, aimi, radin and the rest of the geng... NIH akibat last minute punyer keje lah ni..kalu x boleh render sekali lagi...

Next, nak mintak maaf kalu ader salah maklumat..
contohnyer yang gambar Farehah tu terletak under Diploma but actually ko baru lepas wat program matrikulasi kan?. and maklumat pasal hasbullah yang wat prog persediaan kat KTT (kolej teknologi timur) tuk wat medic kat Indonesia and bukan kat India.. dan laen2 kalu ader silap...

Last, sorry x wat ruangan penghargaan...
So kat sini jer lah saya wat..

Asyuhada - pengumpul gambar tuk muslimat and beberape gambar muslimin

Muzakkir and Syamel - sumber gambar tuk gambar2 muslimin

Baie - pencetus idea bernas tuk present video dari bekas pelajar - cikgu farhana puji sebab we are the first batch to do this...

Student2 medic muslimin Jordan - menyumbangkan video khas - dengan suara2 mantap

Those yang bersusah payah menyumbangkan dan memberikan gambar korang sama ade secara rela atau paksa rela.

Those yang ader niat nak kasi gambar tapi x berkesempatan atau terhalang atas sebab2 tertentu.

Those yang terlibat sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung...


NANTIKAN Video ini dalam updated version... but first korang yg belum menyumbangkan gambar korang harus berbuat demikian secepat mungkin. TQ. ~ UKHWAH FILLAH ~

Oh lupa nak bagitau korang..nih maklumat tambahan.. yang pada asalnya ingatkan nak dirahsiakan but alang2 terus bagitau jer lah..

actually bahan telah dikumpul agak awal... cuma atas sebab2 tertentu aku start wat video nih secara betul2 agak lewat.. sebab aku de komitmen laen pada 16 - 21 May. Anway aku mengaku sendiri lah yang salah aku gak sebab bertangguh and wat keje last minute.. mintak maaf ye semua.. and sebagai akibatnya, malam jumaat tuh aku x tido langsung sampai lepas sembahyang jumaat baru de peluang tuk tido...pengalaman yang agak pahit campur manis..hahahha...