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June 7, 2008

**Discover US Education**

Hi there.
  • Get JPA, Bank Negara, Petronas, MARA, etc scholarships to go pursue your studies in the US?
  • Want to know more about U.S Education and how to apply and gain admission into the universities in the US?
  • Desire to go to the Ivy League Universities (eg. Harvard Uni, Princeton) or Ivy League Standard Universities, but don't know where to start?
  • Have financial problems (did not get scholarships, come from a poor famiy, etc), but still intrigue to know more and futher you studies at the top Universities in the US? No fret! MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Yale University have someting to say about their 'need blind' policy and the financial aid that they are willilngly offering to the international students.
  • Secondary school students? Have dreams to go overseas? US is a good choice to consider. Even Ironman graduated from M.I.T (the no 1 engineering school in the US or perhaps the world :)

Then??Hmm... need not to wait. Let's buckle up and embark on the journey of the US Education. FREE ADMISSION !!!

Name of the Event: U.S.A For Students

Date, Day, Time: June 14 2008, Saturday, 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Venue: Dewan San Choon - Wisma MCA 163 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

LET's look at some FAQs.

What is U.S.A. For Students?

U.S.A. For Students is an education fair organized by alumni and current students of universities and colleges in America. We are doing this for two reasons: (a) to share with you our experience of education in America beyond what is provided in admission brochures and booklets and (b) to prepare incoming students for their initial experience in America.

Who is invited?

Basically, anyone who is interested in studying in the United States or just want to know more about education there. We have first-hand information because we’ve been through the nervousness about moving to a foreign country, the panic of studying with the mat-sallehs and even the pain of leaving our moms and dads and the precious roti canai and nasi lemak. Everyone is welcome! The more the merrier!

How do I be a part of this event?

Simply come! June 14, 2008 at Dewan San Choon - Wisma MCA. A special treat would be given to attendees who register online!

How to reach there??

Alternative 1 (Recommended ):-
Take Kelana Jaya Line LRT (formerly known as Putra LRT) and exit at Ampang Park LRT Station (one stop after KLCC from the direction of KL Sentral). Once exit, turn left and go up the escalator. Walk past Nikko Hotel and Menara Citibank. Wisma MCA is the building after Menara Citibank. It is approximately a 3-minute walk.

Alternative 2:-
Take Kelana Jaya Line LRT (formerly known as Putra LRT) and exit at KLCC Station. Walk along Jalan Ampang towards the direction of Nikko Hotel. Walk past Pelita Nasi Kandar and a temple and you will reach Wisma MCA. Wisma MCA is opposite Corus Hotel. It is aprroximately a 7-minute walk.

Do I have to pay an entrance fee?

No! This event is FREE! We are doing this pro-bono, meaning free-of-charge.

How to I get more information about this event?

Simply go the website - http://www.usaforstudents.org/

or you might want to have a look at last year's event.

What should I prepare?

There are several things that can be prepared. But they are all optional.... (Bring your body and be present, that is the most important thing:)

1. Questions. You might wanna jot down and think about some appropriate questions to ask the current students, alumni, speakers, etc.

2. List of Universities. It is recommended that you make a list of universities that you are planning to apply. So that you know which universities are in your highest priority because there will be around 50 universities participating.

About the list

I suggest that you divide your list into two - dream/best schools (US people like to use the term 'schools' for universities), and also back-up or back door schools. You should be aware that some universities are really highly selective that they admit only a few of international students every year. Like MIT, this year, they only admitted one out of 80 Malaysian applicants who applied.

And i recommend that you make your list according to specific ranking rather than general ranking and surely if you are scholars of any sponsors, make sure that you check with your sponsors whether you are allowed or not to pursue your studies at the desired universities. (you can check with your sponsors once you have enrolled in the pre-U prog or check with your seniors at your pre-U prog, and usually the top universities will definitely be endorsed by your sponsors)

Here are rankings that you can look at online...

1. The Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings

Type: general world rankings, world rankings according to field (technology, natural sciences, etc)

download the full-color, PDF format, 2007 edition here.

2. US News & World Report

main website (rankings)

national universities : top schools

best graduate schools (PhD and Masters)

best undergraduate engineering (choose second box - school whose highest degree is a doctorate)

best undergraduate business (includes accounting, finance, etc)

* for undergraduate rankings, the rankings are limited, i have a copy of several parts of the book of the America's Best Colleges 2008 which offer more rankings. Therefore, if you want more info, please email me at friendfries89@gmail.com

and Many more rankings!!!...

there are few more links at the wikipedia website here and you can also read more information about university rankings there.

3. Requirements. Once you have the list of the universities that you want to go. Go check on their websites first. Look at requirements such as essay(s) (this is one of the crucial elements), SAT scores (whether you have to just take SAT 1 , or you need to take SAT 1 & 2 or you don't require to take both), TOEFL scores and etc.

4. Know about US admission exams. If you have not heard about SAT or TOEFL or know less about them. Quickly check on their websites. You can even try some sample questions. For SAT 1, you can subscribe for daily questions via email.

Simply go to http://www.collegeboard.org/ for SAT 1 and SAT 2 (SAT Subjects)

and www.ets.org/toefl for TOEFL

5. Just google what ever you want to know about US Education system or things pertaining to it. At least, you have a picture of it and it will be easier for you to come out with questions. The internet is a powerful tool, use IT!

Here are some useful websites that you can have a look regarding US Education.

http://www.recom.org/ , http://www.tinkosong.com/ , http://www.chenchow.blogspot.com/ ,


Am I (ammar faris) attending the US Fair???

Good question. I will say, 'yes', of course. Haha.. Meet you there.. Most probably, I will be at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign booth (near to Harvard University and Stanford University booth >> look at the floor map). I am also planning to sell some materials and books which will prepare you for SAT 1, SAT 2 and TOEFL and gear you towards EXCELLENT SCORES !!! Anyone interested, do email me.

You can also ask any question related to this topic.

Email me at friendfries89@gmail.com or just post your comment at this post. Thank you.

And if it does not burden you, do notify me (by email) together with some infos (such as prep place, name, previous school, course) if you kind of 'confirm' to attend this event, so that we can meet and discuss things at WISMA MCA..

Even though it will be held in WISMA 'MCA', it has nothing to do with politics, kay... :)

So, tunggu ape lagi. MARI JOIN!!!


fathiyyah said...

huiyoooo...cm best je..kalau aku ada jet,dah lama aku fly ke wisma MCA tuu..hehe..aku lalu je sini,tak baca betol2..nampaknya kamu mmg tak sabar2 nk fly ya...menghitung hari ammar! hahaha
weh,pegi reunion al amin tu tak?

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to fathiyyah:

yer lah tu ko nak terbang ke MAS? bukan ko x minat ker dgn US education nih..hehehe...

lalu pun kire okay lah..hehehe.. dah ko bukan nak gi belajar ke US pun (laenlah kalu ko rasa nak smbung PhD kat sane), so x yah la nak baca semua skali..

hmm x sabar?? x jugak.. bertambah cuak ader lah.. iman dan amal harap boleh di jaga... tu yg aku risau tuh...

gi reunion...
bez giler... dah lama x nampak wajah kengkawan lama..hehehe..ader yg dah byk berubah..biasalah tu manusia..sentiasa evolve.. nnti korang pun dah balik jadi doc nnti, ntah aku cam atau x..hehehe...

yg paling bez..tibe2 tgh reunion tuh..tibe2 jumper syafiq al-hakim..hehehe.kelakar tul..

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