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June 6, 2008

WCIT 2008, What an Experience :)

This is the event that i was talking about in my previous post. The one that i have to put a great portion of commitment. Why? Simply because it was a 'World Event'. And the Malaysia image had somehow be reflected during this event. So let us have a quick Q and A session.

Reporter = Ms. Secret
VVIP invited = Mr. AAF

What is WCIT 2008?

WCIT stands for World Congress on IT. Held once every two years, the World Congress on Information Technology is a premier global ICT forum that brings together global leaders in business, government and academia. Often billed as the Olympics of ICT, it impacts global economic and social development through the exchange of policies and ideas on technology.

In 2006, the event was held in Austin, Texas, US. Luckily, this year, Malaysia was chosen to host this remarkable event. And the next WCIT 2010 event will be held in Amsterdam, Holland. For more info regarding WCIT 2008 , you can visit the official website.

What drives you to be involved in this event?

At first, i didn't even know a single thing about this event. But then, during my Cornell University interview (there is a post about this), the interviewer asked me 'if you can bring a speaker to Cornell University, who would you like to bring?'

Nervous and stupified at that particular time, i spontaneously answered "Bill Gates" with my reasons to support my answer. Then, Mr. Chen Chow, inform me about the event, and that Bill Gates will come and give his speech. (even though eventually, he didn't come, but instead, he appeared in a holographic way for only 5 minutes!!! hahaha)

So, i started to look for the official website, applied to be a volunteer online, and had a short interview at the WCIT 2008 office at Damansara.

It is a world event, so what kind of preparation did you and the rest of the volunteers have prior to the real event (18 - 22 May)?

We had two training sessions. One on the 13th of April and one on the 10th of May.

It is a whole-day traning sessions. The former emphasized more on team work (there are a lot of games and such exciting stuffs) and the latter was more geared towards the real event and that means LECTURES and BOREDOM!!!...hahaha.. Anyway, the most memorable part was the food.. Luxurious and scrumptious meals... :)

The game below was called 'Towers of Breath" .. at first we had to stack the balloons of our team members and make a tall tower. The highest tower wins. Then, after that part, we combined all the balloons....
until it became something like this.....>>>

Oh! Forgot to mention... besides the meetings on the 13th of April and the 10th of May.. there were small-scale meetings as well. So, our team, The EC (Enquiry Counter) Team had a meeting in Bangsar once, and two meetings at the KLCC Convention Center (the place the main event was being held).

What was your job or role during the event? And what other jobs/roles were offered?

I had mentioned the phrase 'EC Team' just now.

There were only 8 of us in the Enquiry Counter Team. From the name of the team itself, you can guess what was the role all about. In summation, we had two booths (one in level one and one in level three of the KLCC Convention Center)... we kind of knew everything that was going on that time, and we sort of must-know.. where all the suraus , the washrooms, the ballroom, the conference hall, and the rest of halls are situated. And we must know how if the delegates (the people who payed a certain amount of money - the event fee in which was quite expensive, and they get to hear all the talks and whatsoeva things pertaining to the event), the VVIPS or the Speakers want to go back to their hotels, or are lost, or have problem with their flights, or want to find the nearest STARBUCK!! hahaha..

Maaan, Enquiry COunter..people ask stuffs.. what do you expect???

Other jobs/roles were like usherers, food and beverage people, those who have to standby at the airport for the arrival or departure of the delegates, registeration counter people and etc.

Really proud to be in the EC Counter Team :)

(from the right: Edlyn, Aisyah, Jian, Haizun, Sabrina, Naza, Denise and Me)

What advantages did you get from this event?

LEt me lists some of the advantages:

1. Get to meet people from all over the world as it is a world event.

2. Get to meet (or see) VVIPS, MOSTI and other Top government people, Top IT people and etc.

3. Get to brush up my english (speaking) and feel how is it like working at the enquiry counter (you will receive some unsatisfied customers, but thanks God, during the event, most of the delegates were happy with our services)

4. Learn to be more courteous with phrases like "Good morning, Sir/Ma'am. May I help or assist you?"

5. Get to meet people from IT companies ( i met one and still keep in touch with this guy from California USA) - if you interested in this kind of thing.

6. Learn soft skills and learn how to deal with problems.

7. Make friends with the volunteers who participated. Here are some pic of my new friends. Not new anymore.. hahaha..

8. You won't complain about the scrumptious meals that they provided for the volunteers.

9. Get to take pictures with CEO like the one bellow.

(picture of Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali, CEO of MDEC and Dato' Dr Ir. Ammar - hehehe)

10. Money!!! Hahaha.. we are paid per day...

Do you have any advice to give to anyone who hasn't tried volunteer work?

As long as the volunteer works are noble, beneficial, legal and do not contradict with your religious views (x bercanggah dengan syariat Islam sebagai contoh), and your country laws and you have some free time, Why NOT?
But you need to put a huge amount of commitment to the volunteer work that you will be doing. Don't do it just for the sake of money (if they give you some money lah).. but do it whole-heartedly for the experience and for the excitement. No fret! You can also put it into your resume and makes your resume look nicer...

And REMEMBER !!!, some volunteering services are not offer publicly, you might have to search for it yourself (like the case of volunteering for WCIT 2008)... Go and search for volunteering work starting from now!!! Before it's too late... IT's FUN!!! Good Luck!


tiArA EmiLY said...

I've heard about WCIT before
from the commercial breaks on TV
but i didnt know
u're actuALLy involved
with this kind of international thingy
i should say
or probably.."bestnya ammar!"
or maybe.."hmm..i impressed!"
lots to hear from u!

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

To Farah:

oh seriously, i don't know that the 'iklan' pertaining to WCIT 2008was aired on TV...

hmm.. sebab tu lah ader satu minggu tu aku 'menghilang'... aku join benda ni lah... juz nak menambahkan experience..

thanks for saying the good 'things'...

but the bad thing is.. aku terpaksa skip classes and kurang concentrate on my studies..


DAN said...

i c u're the only guy in the team?

haha surely u're popular among the girls! got any number?

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

To Rasydan:
It seems so i think... not sure, though...

Popular??? nope lah.. aku nih kan always remain low profile.. dalam erti kata laen.. x famous lah and x popular..

but kalu numbers tuh mmg ader je lah..dah kena contact dorang before and during the event itself... so bersebab lah..hahaha..

Have a nice day, my friend.

Bubbly Sabrina said...

hellew ammar!

nice post! The way you wrote this piece macam dalam paper or magazine pulak. hikhik.

p/s: mane orang EC lain, ingatkan diorang leave one or two comments.

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

hellow bubbly sabrina:

thanks for the compliment. Tu lah ingatkan dah nak publish kat magazine2 yg selalu meletup..hahha.. with the EC Team on the front cover.. :)

yg laen rasanyer agak bz lah, yg dah tgk gambar tuh pun you and haizun lah kot...

dah tgk entry kat blog si jian???

boleh letak comment gak..hahhaa..

sIjiAn('-')* said...

wow,ammar!ur post is very nice.
i like it!
like wat sabrina said>>macam dalam paper or magazine(really interesting)
anyway,thx for ur post in my blog ya!!

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

thanks sjian ('-')* for the compliments...

naaah, not really that nice... you can write better than me.. :)

But i forgot to put a photo of ms aliza in this post.. in which changes this post from interesting to ordinary...

hope if she read this post she will not be mad at me...:) maybe i'll add later..

ur most welcome.. have an enjoyable day and week and month and year...

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

thanks sjian ('-')* for the compliments...

naaah, not really that nice... you can write better than me.. :)

But i forgot to put a photo of ms aliza in this post.. in which changes this post from interesting to ordinary...

hope if she read this post she will not be mad at me...:) maybe i'll add later..

ur most welcome.. have an enjoyable day and week and month and year...

aimi jamaludin said...

wohoo ammar
what an experience!!
best bace..
best tgk gmbr..
but i bet,
jd usherer lg best kot??

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

To Aimi,
yeah, what an experience!!!
sebab tuh tajuk dier, WCIT 2008, What an experience!

Memang bez giler!!! First time aku dpt experience se bez ini :)

hmm jadi usherer.. you will consider twice to do that job once you know how exhausting it would be.. dah dorang kena berdiri jer berjam2...

kalu mcm EC counter..we got to wear blazer, got to sit (even though not alwayz lah)..

hahaha..nway, GUD LUCK and thanks for the comment.

aimi jamaludin said...

nanti kalau ade pe2 prgrm lg kat msia ajak r kitorg,
prgrm yg mase kitorg balik n b4 ko fly la

Wiz said...

I am super mighty proud of you! I know exactly how it feels to join an international event such as this. The experience is inexplicably enriching. Reading your post makes me miss my University years.

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to aimi,
insyaALLAH aimi...
aku pun tengah2 cari..mane tau ader program yg best2 kan...

ha! aku tau satu prog best..tapi aku x boleh attend lah.. HARI RAYA!!! will be mising RAYA this year!...hahaha

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to ms wiz,
seriously? why don't you share your sweet experience with us.. put it in ur blog.. wanna hear ur experience.. you must have done exciting stuffs during ur Uni years.. wanna hear from you soon..
nway, special thanks for the comment...

Wiz said...

Dearest Ammar,

I have lived my youth with stories abound. It is not my time now Ammar but it's yours. You are living it and I believe you are also destined for greatness. It's your time to share your stories with your friends and if you don't mind with this soapy ancient teacher who has nothing better to do but be proud of her students.

So, go out, leap high and once you have reached the stars, don't forget to look down once in a while, I'll be waving you from down here. :o)

Warmest Regards

aimi jamaludin said...

hari raye??
aku pun ala2 takut gak ni
takut aku pun tak dpt raye kat msia
well, oral physio will be in four-day-time
kene ush gile2 r utk cover balik paper written..

ade je dgr prgrm2 time kat msia
but most of them,
utk s2dent overseas yg balik cuti,
n most of them,
dlm bln 8
dah nak fly dah kwn ak ni..

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

Ms Fawizza,
thanks very much...
It really go deep into my heart and i will surely remember your words and keep it deep in my neurons.. TQ

but i deny the sentence'soapy ancient teacher'.. ur not..and ur a superb active teacher with full of significant experience... I believe that..

I will always look back at all my teacher who have given me what it takes to be a great man.. THANKS..

Hope you will always visit me here in my tiny mini blog..

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

so aimi, how's the oral physio???

insyaALLAH lepas and boleh raya kat MAS punyer...

dalam bulan 8? prog pe ek?? boleh explain sket..mane lah tau sempat ker..hahhaa.. are you joining???

yup, flying without wings..

aimi jamaludin said...

physio oral was great!!!
smalam jumpe vice dean
kalu ade paper kene reseat
kene balik b4 23 august
sdeh gle dgr
tp harap2 dijauhkan
nak raye kat msia gak

progrm yg stakat ni ak tau,
kat serdang satu n anther one kat nogori 9
ape2 nanti ak bg tau kat ko la eh

ade wings r
aeroplane punye wings

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

ammar to aimi:
kat serdang? prog per ek? nnti ko kasi tau details yer tau..

insyaALLAH x yah repeat..
kalu kena balik before 23 aug..mcm rugi gak la kan.. hehe :|