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August 25, 2008

MMU (Malaysia ~ Memories ~ USA)

I was quite bz for a couple of days - there are a lot things to be settled (i-card - the official student card, health report, international student report, tb screening, class registration, etc). So, i would like to apologize for posting this quite late.

This entry is called the MMU in which stands for Malaysia~Memories~USA... Sweet memories in malaysia during the departure + My first time as a grown up kat US (it was like....Wow!!! I could not believe it that i'm actually in the US.. AMAZING!!!)

The pictures will explain the WHOLE SCENES as i started to embark on a journey i would never forget for the rest of my life... I admit... Tears did somehow dropped from my eyes.... :)

UPDATED.... Classes are 'so far so good'...Do have a look at the PICTURES and all the captions attached to them...TQ

Checking in...saat yg mendebarkan....

Thanks a lot to my family members (esp Ummy and Abah and Grandma a.k.a Tokma) for helping me with packing and stuffs related to it... really miss you all :) ~dua budak berbaju biru tuh my sepupu.....sorang lahir 3 July gak..hehe..

oh lupa thanks kak huda, and muaz for the books.. and thanks anas, zubair and salman (and muaz&kakhuda skali la) for being supportive... :)

My uncle walaupun sakit kaki..pun still datang... terharu-terharu....
(bergambar bersama my grandma, dua pakcik and dua makcik aku and their kids)
Sempat lah jumpa BAI (kwn KISAS), MU'AZ (kwn Al-Amin)... hmm BAI, zawir pe citer???datang ker x time tuh?? Thanks Mu'az for the 'fiqh luar negara' book....

Haha.. x sangka abang Mahfuz (kwn KISAS) pun fly satu flight... hmm Mahfuz jumpa di US yer.. :)

My boarding pass (first overseas boarding pass)... CLICK on the pic to get a bigger pic...


tiArA EmiLY said...

salam ammar,
and hai!

again, i'm the first to comment here..

back to your post,
when I first read the title..
the curiosity came as MMU usually stands for multimedia university,
nice title by the way..

when i finished my reading
well, i thought u'll write like 300-400 words to compare with ur previous2 post,
tp oklah
at least u update
compare to me

last but not least,
all the best!
n post some more,

c's radin said...

Ammar, ive updted mine..

bittaufiq n mg selamat sume..

wizcakes said...

Dearest Ammar,

I was looking forward to send some of you guys off, but nobody notified me of any dates or anything. I was quite surprised to learn many have left Uniten already. Was hoping to bid you guys farewell and make some cakes for sweetness sake, but you guys have flown high above the sky.

I wish you all the very best. Do update on your journey there. I am soo soo proud of all of you and I am sure your parents and relatives feel 100 times more than what I am feeling.

You are there and doing it Ammar, now soar!

Hazrool said...

this is haidzir,muhammad.
your neighbour NOW.
seniors told me that its just 1.5hour from here to your uni.
what about ur life man?

anyway, this is my hp number.

2085 685 567


Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

salam farah,
hmm mmg kena kasi hadiah lah ko sebab asyik jadi first to comment jerh...

thanks farah sebab comment2 slalu.. i owe you a lot...

tajuk MMU tuh tiba2 jer terkeluar dari benak pemikiran aku... ntah la..x der lah menarik sgt..juz that biar org ingat aku gi uni MMU instead of UIUC..haha..gimik jerh...

sorry lah x byk words lagi.. aku plan nak letak byk pictures sebenarnye..so nantikan...eh kalu ko update blog..ckp tau..sebab kadang2 aku mcm bz tuk lawat blog, even blog aku...

so biler org push aku..insyaALLAH aku lawat blog dorang...

gud luck kat UNITEN tuh...

p/s: pak arif sihat??

tiArA EmiLY said...

x kuasa ak nak promote blog sendiri
kalau kau rasa dpt hidayah
nk baca blog ak
kau baca la
kalau x
ak cm de masalah nk add picts
sebab tu skang dah jarang update blog
x best la xde gmbar

pak ariff sihat la,
cme dia duk bising
bila la dia nk bersara
nk rehat
kitorng ckp
tggu kami fly dulu
sume dh fly br pak ariff bleh bersara

make sure update ae?
nk tgk gak
best ke uiuc tu,

Ammar Faris said...

To farah(uniten):


hehe..lama tul x reply comment nih..sorry2...

oh MMU yer..tu lah saje je biar nampak catchy..hehehe...

hmm tu lah semakin kurang lak tulis..tapi bukan kalu byk2 pun nnti org just skip ke.hehehe..

tu lah..biler nak update..dah lama dah ni..pe citer UNITEN..cepat CITER!!!!

Ammar Faris said...

To c's radin:
oh nnti de update x yah bgtau...

aku dah letak kat ur blog's link kat ruang 'Blogs to visit:)'

tuk menggalakkan aku lawat blog korang..hehehe..

gud luck!!!

Ammar Faris said...

Dearest ms wizcakes(not real name),

oh seriously..wow, that was very kind of you... but,it's okay...

maybe you can ship your cookies and cakes to my place :) (kiddin')

thanks for being proud of me...

hope everything if fine there in UNITEN..

p/s: I have updated my blog..NEw News!!!

Ammar Faris said...

salam hazrool...thanks for the number..hehe..x sangka ko bg comment kat blog aku..

biler ko nak buat blog...

lama x borak2 ngn ko lah..:)

Ammar Faris said...

To farah again:

oh pak ariff sihat..hehehe..

dier jadi bersara ker x??
weyh jadi gi US ker??

gi lah..x lah azan kesunyian...