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July 23, 2008

Google Earth and Google Maps

Hi there, it is not common for me to post about technology stuffs. But, i think i will start to post more and MORE , coz information about tech and tech itself is very vital nowadays and for the days to come....

I was planning to have a BBQ event at my house this sunday (by invitation for ex-KISASIANS).
"Ammar, where is your house situated??" - one of my friends asked.

Yeah, i thought about that already. So, I just goooogle, and luckily, (after some hardwork for sure) I managed to find some maps and directions due to the quite-advance and up-to-date Google Earth and also Google Maps. THANKS GOOGLE!!!

Let us look at them separately...

What is Google Maps ?? and What is Google Earth??

Google Maps
(for a time named Google Local) is a free service application and technology provided by Google that powers many map-based services including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder and embedded maps on third-party websites via the Google Maps API. It offers street maps, a route plan, and an urban business locator for numerous countries around the world.

it's very simple and easy...no hassle.. GO TO Google Maps NOW!!! and search for your desired place...

A related product is Google Earth, a standalone program for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux which offers more globe-viewing features.


What is Google Earth???

Google Earth
is a virtual globe program that was originally called Earth Viewer, and was created by Keyhole, Inc, a company acquired by Google in 2004. It maps the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe. It is available under three different licenses: Google Earth, a free version with limited functionality; Google Earth Plus ($20 per year), which includes additional features; and Google Earth Pro ($400 per year), which is intended for commercial use.

p/s: goooogle can offer this kind of service for free and open it to public... think about what kind of advanced technology that they already have in terms of satellite tech and such. Someone might be SPYING on you...HAHA!


nad said...

how did u get the last pic. very detail..

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

from wiki..haha..
eh btw, nih nad yg kawan aizat tuh kan???

buat course pe skang??

nad said...

visit my blog to know. http://nadhirah1989.blogspot.com

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

betul kan kwn aizat??arituh ader jumper dier kat INTI college...saya dah visit dah...thanks for letak link ya.. ur blog's link dah letak kat www.oneheart.co.cc, nice blog:) .. tq