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July 25, 2008

Top 100 Universities - Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings 2007 - Top 100 Universities (UPDATED)

DOWNLOAD the full-color, PDF version, 2007 edition. HERE.

Type: general world rankings, world rankings according to field (technology, natural sciences, etc)

Rank ,School, Name Country

1 HARVARD University, United States
2= University of CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom
2= YALE University, United States
2= University of OXFORD, United Kingdom
5 Imperial College LONDON, United Kingdom
6 PRINCETON University, United States
7= University of CHICAGO, United States
7= CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech), United States
9 UCL (University College LONDON), United Kingdom
10 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (MIT), United States
11 COLUMBIA University, United States
12 MCGILL University, Canada
13 DUKE University, United States
14 University of PENNSYLVANIA, United States
15 JOHNS HOPKINS University, United States
16 AUSTRALIAN National University, Australia
17 University of TOKYO, Japan
18 University of HONG KONG, Hong Kong
19 STANFORD University, United States
20= CORNELL University, United States
20= CARNEGIE MELLON University, United States
22 University of California, BERKELEY, United States
23 University of EDINBURGH, United Kingdom
24 King's College LONDON, United Kingdom
25 KYOTO University, Japan
26 École Normale Supérieure, PARIS, France
27 The University of MELBOURNE, Australia
29 NORTHWESTERN University, United States
30 University of MANCHESTER, United Kingdom
31 The University of SYDNEY, Australia
32 BROWN University, United States
33= University of QUEENSLAND, Australia
33= University of BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada
33= National University of SINGAPORE, Singapore
36 PEKING University, China
37 University of BRISTOL, United Kingdom
38= University of MICHIGAN, United States
38= The CHINESE University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
40 TSINGHUA University, China
41 University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (UCLA), United States
42 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Switzerland
43 MONASH University, Australia
44 University of NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia
45 University of TORONTO, Canada
46 OSAKA University, Japan
47 BOSTON University, United States
48 University of AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
49 NEW YORK University (NYU), United States
50 The University of AUCKLAND, New Zealand

51= University of TEXAS, United States
51= SEOUL National University, South Korea
53= TRINITY College Dublin, Ireland
53= HONG KONG University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong
55= University of WASHINGTON, United States
55= University of WISCONSIN-Madison, United States
57 University of WARWICK, United Kingdom
58 University of CALIFORNIA, San Diego, United States
59 LONDON School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
60 HEIDELBERG Universität, Germany
61 Katholieke Universiteit LEUVEN, Belgium
62 University of ADELAIDE, Australia
63 DELFT University of Technology, Netherlands
64 The University of WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Australia
65= University of BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom
65= Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
67 Technische Universität MÜNCHEN, Germany
68 University of SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom
69 NANYANG Technological University, Singapore
70 University of NOTTINGHAM, United Kingdom
71= UPPSALA University, Sweden
71= DARTMOUTH College, United States
73 University of ILLINOIS, United States
74= EMORY University, United States
74= University of YORK, United Kingdom
76 University of ST ANDREWS, United Kingdom
77= PURDUE University, United States
77= University of PITTSBURGH, United States
79 University of MARYLAND, United States
80= University of SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom
80= University of LEEDS, United Kingdom
82 VANDERBILT University, United States
83 University of GLASGOW, United Kingdom
84 LEIDEN University, Netherlands
85= University of VIENNA, Austria
85= FUDAN University, China
85= CASE WESTERN RESERVE University, United States
88 QUEEN'S University, Canada
89 UTRECHT University, Netherlands
90= PENNSYLVANIA STATE University, United States
90= TOKYO Institute of Technology, Japan
92 RICE University, United States
93= University of COPENHAGEN, Denmark
93= Université de Montréal, Canada
95 University of ROCHESTER, United States
96 University of CALIFORNIA, Davis, United States
97= GEORGIA Institute of Technology, United States
97= University of ALBERTA, Canada
99 CARDIFF University, United Kingdom
100 University of HELSINKI, Finland

Source: THES – QS World University Rankings
credits : here


anas_AF said...

nk tny..ble tgk ranking brubh2...
ade stgh bgtau yg ni top20, tbe2 jd top 40 jerk...
so, yg mne the most accurate or precise?

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

boleh je bertanya...jgn segan2..:)

hmm jawapannyer x der most accurate and most precise..but just note yg ader bias UK, ader bias US.. and duduk between these two...

anyway, nnti ammar post about universities ranking ni lepas nih...kiter tgk ape wikipedia ckp psl benda nih.. kay...

nway, just study leklok and target for the 'susah nak masuk' Uni...

once dah susah nak masuk tuh, confirm lah hebat uni tuh..hahaha.. GUD LUCK!!!