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March 26, 2008

Sebuah perkongsian ::. INTERVIEW .::

Assalamualaikum semua....

First sekali nak mintak maaf byk2 kat dr. fathiyyah sebab x online tadi and x release post nih sekali dengan ur post tuk INTERVIEW JPA...hehehe..actually tertido..and time ko release..aku punyer baru sket jer yg siap..alhamdulillah dgn izin Allah, dengan desakan ko...post ni berjaya disiapkan...

Oh, walaupun post nih memegang tajuk yang sama tapi yang akan dapat the fullest advantage ialah pelajar2 lepasan SPM tahun lepas yang apply tuk Scholarship MARA (sebab pengalaman saya hanya limited tuk INTERVIEW MARA jerh)....UNTUK CALON2 JPA silalah lawat blog akak penyayang nih merangkap bakal doctor yang berkaliber kat sini.


When you cross this section majority of the words and sentences will be in English as the interview will be conducted in English!!! Better get prepared for this!!!


Preparation before the interview...

One of the crucial moments is for sure the time prior to the interview.... the golden moment before the judgement day (whether ur in or out???).. hehehe.. but no fret my friends,

don't be apprehensive or scared, as you don't need to prepare much... a few research and some practices should do the trick!!! and of course just RELAX!!!

I'll try to make this as short and brief as possible,okay...


Do research to get some information pertaining to MARA >>> such as the objectives of MARA...you might be asked about something like "How can you contribute to MARA???"... So, by knowing some details about ur soon-t0-be sponsor, you can 'goreng' la jawapan2 tuh...

Do research on the course that you are planning to choose >>> this is totally vital and important....what for, if you don't know or don't show your interest in the area that you want to pursue...

think about the advantages of the place that you're planning to study as well...make up your mind..like if possible..the country that you desire to study, and even the University(ies) that you aim for...try coming up with answers for questions like "Why do you choose this course???", "Why do you choose UK instead of Middle East???" or vise versa.

Hmm..what is the advantage of MARA nih...you don't have to know much about current issues or 'hot' issues...because there will be no group disussion or whatsoeve...hmm...but dengan keputusan election yg mengejutkan and dengan muka2 baru dalam kabinet serta dengan masalah Menteri Besar kat Terengganu and Perlis. Some isu semasa mungkin di tanya..maybe something like "What do you think about the current politic situation???", x tau lah, tapi time saya memang dier x sentuh la psl isu2 semasa atau isu2 hangat...but still, depends on the interviewers...x perlu risau sgt pasal yang ni..


This apply to the whole interviews that you are going to face...no more interviews held in Bahasa...English is widely used now and it is considered a significant international language.. So, start speaking now!!! You might have scored A1 in your English 1119 or GCE-O level...but speaking is something quite different.. start speaking in english with your friends, family members, relatives and even in front of the MIRROR!!! Seriously, somestimes this method (MIRROR technique) can help you boost up your confidence...I've tried it before!!!


HA!!! Another thing, better to have a file (2D files is recommended) for your certs...be organized and show to them that you are an organized person...ikut kekreativian anda lah..hereby, I put some pictures of my 2D file that I have used for all my interviews...

The night before the interview...

1. Be COOL lah...

You are not the only one shivering or 'gelabah-ing'...do you think that the other applicants are not like you - cuak and risau ...hmm.. its fitrah..so build up your confidence and say to yourself -

" I can do it!!! "

2. Make SURE everything is prepared

Hmm mcm biasa....semua dokumen2, sijil2, file, IC and surat panggilan interview di kumpulkan dan diletakkan di tempat yang senang di cari...

Baju di gosok awal2...jangan wat keje last minute...pakai formal..pastikan kemas dan wangi(jgn berlebih2an lak)!!!

~ Selingan ~


untuk laki: seluar slack(gelap digalakkan),
and baju kemeja lengan panjang/pendek(cerah digalakkan),
beserta tie (yang matching and sesuai), and
kasut hitam yang telah digilap

untuk perempun: x berapa tau la..
baju kurung and kasut hitam rasanyer...
sila consult kak fathiyyah atau sape2 lah yg pernah pergi interview..
sorry la yer...

On the day, before the interview...

Look at the interview letter once again...pukul bape...9.00 pg??? 3.30 ptg??

1. Be punctual...
basically you have to queue and check for the place or room that you are going to be interviewed..so better be at the place 25 or 35 minutes earlier..so that you can familiarize yourself with the place and so that you will not MISS the interview!!!

2. Eat first. Energy is important.
Hmm...better to have your breakfast or lunch first before entering the interview room...choose your food wisely!!! Don't eat a lot of spicy sambal or something equivalent to that...eat mild food..or else you will be interviewed in the washroom!!!
and it is also recommended to have a mouth freshener like 'clorets mint' or 'mentos mints' to maintain the freshness of your mouth...especially after you eat...

My interview was held at UniKL...and it was scheduled at 11.oo pagi if i'm not mistaken...
There was a massive number of applicants. They (MARA officers) arranged the
applicants according to the type of the course that we had chosen. It was wednesday and the applicants were those who were applying for Engineering France and Engineering US/UK/Aussie/Newzealand/etc...

the important thing is that you have to queue (quite long - ramai tul org) and show ur interview letter to some officers there (ground floor)...they will give you something like an 'angka giliran' tag la...
then, an usher will bring you to the place designated for the interview...mine is tingkat bape ntah..but quite tinggi gak la...then kena duduk...and wait for your turn...sabar ye...:)

3. Take your time and mingle with others...
don't stick with your team (assabiyyah) or don't be timid or shy..show your confidence...talk and speak in english...kalu bunyi biasa2 pun x per..during my time, there was one student..rilex jer ckp english yg bunyi mcm kelantan punyer longhat..not everyone is fluent in that language..so relax...

During the interview...

During my time, I waited for about 15- 20mins. Then, my name was called. I started my steps with kalam 'bismillahirrahmanirrahim'. "Yeah, I can do it", I told my self. When i went into the interview room, i noticed that it was quite a long room...kat room tuh mcm ader dlm 5 teams of interviewers...setiap team consists of two interviewers...so setiap two interviewers will interview one student at a time..so remember and be alert that
>>>> MARA interview is 2 to 1 <<

Some useful tips:

1. Recite your doa and baca bismillah byk2...

2. Go into that room with a smile in your face and with a confident look...
first impression is very important.... Give salam if the interviewers are Muslims (most probably yes)...

3.Wait for them to offer you a sit and if not, ask permission to do so...

4. Answer all the questions with full confidence. Avoid long gaps. Short gaps..mcm sedikit 'aaa' is considered okay..but not too much please....

5. Try not to 'goreng' too much (nanti hangit...hehehe:) Be honest.
Many interviewers can detect and recognize whether you are telling the truth or not. If you don't know...dont just say - 'I don't no'. Instead, say something better such as ' I don't really have much knowledge about this, but i'm really interested to learn more about it as I am an eager learner'...something like that...

6. Be polite. Maybe you are a debater who is very keen on opposing people thoughts. So if ' x puas hati dengan opinion interviewer', don't directly bangkang. Use polite words and try not to offend them. Respect them. Remember, they are the ones who are going to decide...

7. Ask questions when they open Q&A (questions & answers) session at the end of the interview...Usually, if they are not rushing and they like you...hehehe...they will ask something like "Is there any question(s) that you would like to ask???" and don't just simply say 'NO!'.

There are many type of brilliant questions that you can ask which might increase your chance in getting the scholarship. People even published books compiling these type of questions...So this is your homework..do some brainstorming ..think about some smart and relevant questions... But, remember, don't ask irrelevant or 'stupid' questions as it will jeopardize your chances..

8. Thank the interviewers for willingly spending some time evaluting you. Maintain the smile and the confidence (even though you feel that you have done badly during the interview)...shake the interviewers' hands (if necessary)...usually they will offer you a shake..(laki salam laki, pompuan salam pompuan la)..

9. Don't contemplate or ponder upon the interview that you have just gone through. You have done your best. Remember, nobody is perfect. Congratz yourself for doing a good job. Take it as an experience that you can share with the people that you love (mcm aku nih sayang korang semua..so aku share la..nnti bley share ngan cucu2 gak-'dulu kan atuk gi interview MARA, cair interviewer tuh....' )

10. Concentrate on other interviews (if you have more) or just continue with the beneficial stuffs that you do while waiting for the placements for matrik, preparation place, uni, college etc..and while waiting for the scholarship...(jangan melepak, x wat pape...)

Some questions that I got during my interview (try answering these Qs):

1. (Normally, for intro they will ask something like 'introduce yourself' - but MARA quite different) Tell me about your hometown??? - terkezut gak...hehehe..baru cadang nak introduce myself..

1.5 Tell me about you co-curricular achievements???
2. Why MARA not JPA???

3. (I applied for Engineering US/UK/Aussie/and other 'English spoken countries') At which country do you plan to study??? Why???

4. How can you contribute to MARA in the future???

*Additional notice for Medic Middle East & Medic UK/Ireland/etc *

1. For those who applied for medic middle east the chances of getting your first question something like this is high (Can you introduce your self in arabic language???)

1.5. Based on my friend's explanation, she said that certain interviewers tuh saje je nak tau kiter nih pandai arab ker x?? dorang kadang2 x der background arabic pun..so kalu 'goreng' pun x per la..but then , dier ckp ader gak yg terer arabic..so kena berhati2 lah...

2. Bakal2 doctor, you might be asked...

Why do you want to be a doctor???

What are you going to do upon completion of your study???(work with the goverment hospital/private hospital/etc)

Why do you choose to go to the middle east/UK/Ireland???

3. Soklan ni lagi best...
Can you explain to me about 'the nerve system'???
WOW!!! but those who really want to do medic, sure tau punyer..
anway, it is in the biology SPM syllibus, right???
But for Engin my time, x pernah lah dier tanyer..
Can you explain why F= ma... hehehe..

Setakat ni sajelah..hmm harap korang boleh ambil manfaat lah dari pe yang aku membebel kat atas tuh..sorry la agak berterabur dan bahasa yg digunakan pun cincai2 jerh...kalu nak tanyer pape atau nak tambah ape2 ker.. letak jer kat ruangan comment tuh..insyaALLAH akan di reply secepat mungkin...
hmm...satulah...jangan tolak kemungkinan yg MARA akan menukar cara interview dier ker...atau tambah component2 laen mcm Ujian Personality ke atau yg same waktu dengannyer..So, bersedia for any perubahan!!! But, memang interview 2 to 1 nih dah memang dari dulu la...


MARA punyer interview biasanyer akan lambat sket dari JPA..so sabarlah ye..sentiasa lah lawat laman web JPA and MARA tuh....


harizhazwan said...

hoho mar...
thnx a lot...
ak nk amek medic...
tp, cm da lupe lak...haha...
ok, doa2kn ak skali ek...

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to harizhazwan..
lupe aper???? bio??
lah pekse baru amek akhir thn lepas dah x igt.. ish2, mcm mane la nak jadi doc ni..

minat tuh penting!!!!
cuba tanyer dak2 yg dah pegi middle east, byk giler dorang kena hafal!!!!

~Rihays~ said...

juz wanna share my xperience..huhu
regardin' 2 ur sentence >>
"no more interviews held in Bahasa...."
afta sPm resuLt was announced, 1 of da intrvws i attended was da intrvw 4rm ministry of educatiOn..thre were 3 sessiOns overally n 1 of da sessiOns was heLd in Bahasa!!(group sesSion-if im nOt mistaken Lah)..trkezut gak muLa2..bUt other sesSiOns were still held in mat salleh's language..hehe
it was duRing my period of tyme dLuLah...tatau skunk cMne..
~neway, hOpe ko dpt offer 4rm da uni yg ko desired a Lot! huhu


Anonymous said...

thnx 4 da tips..
actually the dress code for girls..
pkai bj kurung y ada jz kombinasi x lbh dri 3 warna.. jgn pkai bj y tlalu trg warna ny..
n then..
don't wear high heels cz it easy to make u fall..(cz nt glbh,pastu pkai high heels ni kaki gerenti myilang.. so sng jth k.. ^_^
jz where a simple black shoes which hieght jz not more than 2 inch..
erm,lg 1.. for boys n girls.. jgn pkai tlalu byk perfume.. mbahaya..
then time duduk 2,becareful with ur body language..
ni exprience time mock interview..
~mrsm student~

fathiyyah said...

"First sekali nak mintak maaf byk2 kat dr. fathiyyah sebab x online tadi and x release post nih sekali dengan ur post tuk INTERVIEW JPA...hehehe..actually tertido..and time ko release..aku punyer baru sket jer yg siap..alhamdulillah dgn izin Allah, dengan desakan ko...post ni berjaya disiapkan..."

*weh,aku mendesak ke???sorry laaa..kali ni je pakatan kita..tak mauh dah berpakat ngn org bz ni..

*akak penyayang?hahaha..just bley tolong apa yg termampu kan?moga usaha kite dpt membantu semua..

apap pun..thnks banyak2 ammar..nnt nk fly,jgn lupa maklumkan kat kitorg..

k,good luck!
p/s:mahu berehat dr menulis pon..hehe

wiz said...

Good job ammar for a very informative post. I am confident many have read and taken notes on how to go for interviews. The knowledge shared could benefit many students out there and to know that you have helped in some ways is rewarding in itself.

How was the Tgganu trip? Oh yeah, just to let you know my other half doesn't take seafood. So a trip to the seafood restaurant would not win his heart in anyway imaginable, he he he.

Take care.

ibnu bakr' said...


maklumat yang sangat bermanafaat dan berguna!!..trimas bebanyak amar!!

aku sebenarnya tertarik ngan yang no.3 tu..

nak tanya sikit soalan..benda tu cam resume jugak ke?..semua maklumat adalah sijil saje ke atau ko ade letak ayat2 sikit?

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot 4 da info..
sy nih dak x-mrsm..
my problem in english is kdg2 taw ape nk ckp..
cme nk kuar dlm words susa..
n when im nervous..
sume x jd..
so cane nk bwat?
sy amek eng
doakan sy eh 7hb nih..

c's radin said...

salam ammar.. thanx for da post.. membantu ramai org nih..

btw, i wanna ask for ur forgiveness.. atas tuduhan yg dilemparkan pada post yang lepas.. heh.. sje je tuh..

sowi ya

Anonymous said...

i've read both posts; yours n k.thiyya's..
juz wanna ask bout the folder 4 certs n other documents..
k.thiyya said that prepare 2 folders 4 documents..1 for the importants things n the other one is 4 certs..
is it necessary 2 ave 2 folders or 1 is enough??
n do we need 2 prepare a resume??

i've some problem in speaking..
bile tyme intvw n disoal..
sye x taw nk jwb pe..
jd blank ttbe..
according 2 my xperience la..
so how can i imrove myself..

fathiyyah said...

to anonymous: hehehe..si ammar ni bz je..meh akak jawabkan utk kamu yaa

hahahaha(tumpang lalu ammar)hahaha

senanya,1 file is enough..akak sarankan utk asingkan doukumen tuu..tanak nampak bagi campur sgt..tapi ikut awak laa..kalau awak rasa ok guna satu file,up to u..takpe senanya..hehe,bukan satu masalah pon..

hmm pasal blank bila disoal,just try to calm down urself,sblm masuk bilik interview,selawat banyak2..relaxkan diri..yang jadi blank tu sbb kita nervous,but u will be fine once u calm urself..
kalau ni merupakan first time awak cakap in english,then ckap je..akak rasa interviewer ni nak tgk sikap n perangai kita,tgk kita ni boleh diharap ke tak(ye la,ingat sennag ke nak bagi scholar kat org)hehehe..hmm jadikan tunjukkan yang awak benar2 layak utk dpt scholar..jgn hiraukan org lain,just do ur best!
dont intimidate urself k...

awak hanta komen kat sini,mesti awak apply mara kan..good luck utk interview!(walaupun akak tak kenal awak..hehehe)

p/s: ni my opinion..kalau nk dgr pendapat ammar,silalah dgr..ammar lg dahsat..huhu banyak lagi pengalaman..hahahaha
k salam

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to syahir a.k.a rihays..

sorry for the late reply...
hmm okay la I admit, some interview still use Bahasa during their interview..
such as JPA (during discussion), MOE(ministry of education), Bank Negara (one essay in english and one in Bahasa)

and this is not a bad thing because 'memartabatkan bahasa yg melambangkan bangsa' nih..

anyway, sebab dorang dah tau yg applicants dorang dah pandai giler bertutur dlm b.malaysia (walaupun x baku)..so sebab tuh byk dlm english tuh..

hehehe.. aku insyaALLAH gi ILLINOIS!!! doakan aku..fly dlm bulan 8, insyaALLAH..

thanks for the comment... :)

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to anonymous one..

thanks for the dress code for girls tuh..

so, u r a mrsm student??? ade interview x minggu depan??

papepun gud luck in what eva (good) you r doing!!!

yup, jgn pakai perfume yg kuat2 bau dier..kang menganggu org laen pulak...

once again, thanks for the info..hope others can benefit from the dress code as well, esp the girls..

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to teacher,
ms wiz,

thanks for your comment. Yeah, I hope everyone whose applying for MARA or even those who is sitting for any interviews will benefit from my post...but still, i have the feeling that it is incomplete..do you have any suggestions?? you have gone through some interviews, rite??
do you have any recommendation or advices for them??

The trip to terengganu was superb..!!!do have a look at the pictures that the other side of you have taken..yeah, bout the seafood, we surely know that during our trip there...that is considered special(the dislike of seafood meals)..because some seafood meals are quite scrumptious... :)

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to 'kak' fathiyyah:

salamz, yup, harap usaha kiter dpt bantu semua yg akan berhadapan dengan interview yg agak mencabar nih...

mendesak???yup, and ader gak kebaikan nyer..kalu x, x siap la post aku tuh..hehehe..thanks...laen kali kalu nak wat pakatan boleh ajer...tapi ko kena mendesak la..hehehe..

aku dah decide dah nak fly ke mane..UIUC (University of Illnois at Urbana Champaign) insyaALLAH..fly dlm pertengahan bulan august..kalu de masa..bley la hantar aku kat airport..ajak dak2 laen skali..huhuhuh...

for your recent comment tuh,
hmm thanks la sebab tolong jawabkan..lepas nih aku nak tambah sket..hehehe..but jawapan yg ko kasi lagi mantap la..aku nih x dasyat mane pun..lebih kurang jer...pengalaman lebih sket jer kot..

betul ker nak berehat dari blogging nih..mcm masih active jer..tahniah sebab ramai visitor..chiok2..!!!

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to zuhair ibnu abu bakr...
sama2 zuhair, tapi ko bukannyer de interview pun kan..ke ko apply skali lagi...hehehe..ko pun bley apply mara gak kan tuk local..tuk dorang sponsor ko kat UIA time degree nnti..

nway, thanks la sebab baca..really appreciate it..

>>maksud ko yang file 2D tuh eK>>
hmm..boleh kire mcm resume gak la..but aku just compile sijil2 ikut category jerh...x letak pun ayat2 berbunga..hehhee..

>>actually, to be frank, quite a lot of interviews, dorang x tgk pun folder tuh...dorang lebih nak kiter sendiri citer psl kiter punyer koko..

gud luck in pape yg ko buat...

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to ms/mr anonymous 2,
owh 7 hari bulan nih ader interview MARA kan??
is that day, the first day thath MARA will be conducting the interview??

it is quite a common thing to say that biler kiter nervous, we will tend to forget wat to say, or mcm idea2 bernas tuh hilang..

so my nasihat is..tell yourself yg you can do it..yang interviewers tuh manusia gak and memahami manusia laen...really, try to kurangkann nervous tuh...fikirkan yg applicants laen pun lebih kurang u jerh...tarik nafas panjang2 dah baca bismillah..motivate dirituh sendiri..

yup, kadang2 kiter tau aper nak ckp dlm otak nih..tapi biler nak kuarkan and nak explain..mcm susah kan??? so, my advice is...
try to use simple but understandable sentense..x yah guna yang gempak2 sgt..then, praktis menjawab soklan2 ramalan atau soklan2 common mcm "can you introduce yourself??"..start dengan tuh..and then2 slow2 tukar ke soklan yg lebih susah...

amek engin tuk gi negara mane???
kay, harap saya membantu...tq sebab read post nih...

selamat maju jaya!!!
take it as an experience!!
you can do it!!!

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to radin...
welcome...ko pun byk gak membantu dlm post ko tuh..

eh, biler lak ko lemparkan tuduhan nih??? pe yg ko tuduh???

x per lah..kire 0-0 lah..
dimaafkan...(walaupun aku x tau pe yg ko tuduh kat aku)

no need to sorry..selamat study!!!

balik MAS biler???

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to anonymous 3,
really thanks for your comment and questions...

yg laen2 kalu de kemusykilan..sila la bertanya..insyaALLAh akan ku jawab sebaik mungkin..kalu x jawab pun..insyaALLAH ader org laen (terutama org yg baik hati tuh) yang jwbkan...

hmm..saya nih x dahsyat pun..biasa jerh..

kay saya try jawab yer...

1. yg pasal file tuh..
hmm kalu rasa cm dokumen yg laen (yg x der kaitan dengan sijil atau aktiviti koko) tuh byk..elok gak kalu ader dua..tapi satu dah sudah memadai..kalu x silap la..mcm MARA thn lepas..dokumen yg diperlukan ialah surat offer interview tuh jer..IC bawak dlm waller jerh..mcm surat beranak x yah bwk...tapi x tau la thn nih...

so ape yang saya buat dulu ialah kat dlm poket file 2D tuh kan ader poket kecik kan..so saya juz masukkan surat tawaran interview dalam pocket tuh...

hmm..resume kalu rajin buatlah..tapi mcm redundant la..
tapi boleh jer kalu nak selitkan..

owh satu lagi fakta psl sijil2 nih...korang x yah particular sgt psl benda nih..sebab, sijil2 nih mcm cukup syarat jerh..dier bukan nak tgk sijil2 tuh sgt, infact, based on several interviews yg aku gi..dorang x sentuh pun file tuh...
dorang lebih berminat tuk korang sendiri citer pengalaman and pencapaian koko korang..so bersedia!!!

2. about speaking tuh!!! pepatah inggeris ader ckp "practice makes perfect"...so..

memang kalu x biasa speaking..akan jadi nervous..ikut ckp kak fathiyyah tuh..baca selawat byk2..tarik nafas panjang..baca bismillah..jgn lupa practice dulu..practice ckp ngn adik beradik ker, mak ayah ker, kawan2 terdekat ker..yg paling sesuai ialah kawan yg nak gi interview gak..sebab mmg dorang pun kena ckp english nnti...

try ambil simple2 punyer soklan.. mcm "can you describe your hometown??" or "can you describe your extra-curricular achievements??"...
ckp sorang2 pun x kisah..but juz biasakan diri menjawab soklan and avoid gap..mcm 'aaaaaaaaaa' yg lama...kalu kejap tuh perkara biasa lah..

kay..tu jer lah yg boleh saya tolong..kalu de soklan pape lagi..tanyalah..saya sudi menjawab..

selamat maju jaya...!!!!
gud luck!!!
you can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

ni anonymous 2..yg ari2 pnye comment..
thanks yerk coz bg advice..
hmm..rsenye stat 7hb kot sbb kwn2 len sume ade yg 7,8,9,10..
sy yg awl nih da cuak..
maybe nk amek eng kt uk..
but bro..sy nk tny..
biomedical n environmental tuh cbg chemical eng eh?
bro amek eng ape?
doakn sy eh!

farah said...

assalamualaikum..sye nk tye,lps intrvw,bile rsltnye akn kuar?n bile start nuat preparation g overc?kne msuk mtrx dlu ke??my intrvw 8hb ni..medic..nmpknye mmg kne study blk la sume bku2 bio ye??hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

nk tnye sal esei..
perancangan study n kerjaya 2 cane senanye..
kerjaya 2 ok la..
tp yg plan study 2..
mksdnye kalo kite diterime ke ataupon sumthing else???
elp me please..
intvw 8 hb nie..

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to anonymous2:
jgn la cuak sgt..hmm bidang kalu surf internet check lagi bagus..
but what i know..if you compared chemical engin with enviromental..memang totally berlainan.. if biochemical and chemical engin tuh pun berlainan but ader sedikit persamaan..both need chemistry knowledge..
so better I advice...search dlm intenet..byk info bley dpt.
eh plan nak amek engin per???
Saya amek computer engineering..computer engineering nih byk electronic and sedikit computer science and software...
under scholarship Bank Negara...

gud luck!!!

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to farah:
insyaALLAH..soklan akan dijawab dlm post...
elok kalu study la sket..recall sket2 ilmu bio tuh..
tunjukkan yg u memang minat giler bio...
gud luck!!

to: anonymous (mimiyana)
i will jawab soklan tuh in my next post..coz i compiled all soklan2 korang and try jawab dlm next post supaya semua dpt manfaat..insyaALLAH post tuh siap petang jumaat nih..


Anonymous said...

salam ammar
nak mintak tlg
ape jwpanyang baek ey klo nak jawab
-nape mara not jpa?
-nape nak stady kat uk?
tu je kot~tlg ey
blur ae

ibnu bakr' said...

maksud aku tak semestinya ntuk mintak scolarship je...mungkin sikit2 ble nak amek kat sini untuk tujuan lain...hi3

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to mr./ms. anonymous,
hmm banyak jawapan yg baik..
i will try to answer both of the Questions in my next post..

wat masa nih cuba tenangkan diri and wat sedikit brainstorming...cuba bayangkan yg ader interviewer betul2 in front of you and ask exactly soklan tuh..how will you reply...insyaALLAH akn terhasil idea2 bernas dan jawapan2 yg baik...your answers might be better than mine.

de YM ID x???


to zuhair:
yup betul tuh..tuk apply keje ker??tul x???nway, my fren, thanks for your support!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Ammar,

Thanks for your useful tips. I want to ask, how do we arrange the certs and documents in our file. For JPA interview, there is a particular way of arranging the certs and we are only required to bring form 4 & form 5 koko certs. How about MARA?

IS there a special arrangement? Like JPA there is difference between koko and anugerah-anugerah lain cert.

For the MARA essay, do they really read it? haha.. just asking. MARA seems to be a little more relaxed compared to JPA.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

nk tny..
kalo yg dlm fail tu nk ltk pe??
cm yg personal particulars tu..
pe ek??

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to anonymous 0.1:
welcome..owh tuk JPA, de particular way of arranging the certs??betul ker???

nway, mengikut my pengalaman..
no specific way..just try to make it as neat and as organized as possible..and you can even bring your primary school certs if you want to (but make sure they are the core and significant ones)

hmm...do MARA really read the essays?? beats me..i am not the MARA officer..hehe..but logically lah..if time interview, dier tgk applicants cam lebih kurang jerh...
maybe they will decide on reading the essays, finding gramatical errors..looking at your plannings...
the safe thing is try to craft and make the best essay that you could..

just not push your self to much...if you have tried..yeah, congratz, at least you try kan...

gud luck!!!

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to anonymous 0.2:
hmm...letak jer gambar pape yg ko suka..gambar family ker..

eh..aca jer lah...

personal particulars tuu.. i put sijil berhenti sekolah rendah and menengah... my spm punyer slip, my pmr punyer slip, salinan IC (parents as well) , salinan surat beranak .. tu jer lah kot..yg boleh aku ingat...

juz details yg berkaitan dgn diri kiter yg bukan kiter punyer extracurricular punyer achievements..cam tu lah lebih kurang...

eh, GUD LUCK!!!

YM me at YM ID: cool_2guyz

Anonymous said...

nk tnye sal language used during intvw..
sye bce kt link tanya@putra 2..
die intvw mdic russia undr mara an..
die kte ikut rntk inteviewer..
kalo die tny malay kite jwb malay..
kalo die tnye english kite jwb english..
but u said dat it'll be conducted fully in english..
so..cane 2?????

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

to anonymous 0.3:

that happens really rarely...

in case la, kalu dier tanya dalam malay, memang ikut courtesy atau adabnyer, kiter jawab dalam malay..

but, yg tuh memang jarang happen, sebab dorang dah standardize dah yg dorang conduct interview fully in english..

disebabkan semua applicants mARa nih ialah Malay, so secara logicnyer dier x perlu lah check Malay korang sebab Malay korang dah mantap2...x seperti JPA..yg de applicant yg mengikut my fren punyer experience x reti ckp Melayu langsung... pastuh dier rilex jer speaking..tapi english dier memang berhabuk la..

kay...harap menjawab soklan...


~nazierah~ said...


nak tny,
kalau tume dy tny nak p ngra mne tu,
boleh ke kte jwb lebih?
cntohny nak wat perubatan kat Ireland/mesir????

Ammar Faris said...


menjawab persoalan psl interview tuh, tak salah kalau jawab nak gi mane... tapi make sure clear lah kenape nak gi ssuatu particular tmpat tuh... bgtau stand..and bgtau juga itu adalah preference..but diri tuh terbuka tuk di letakkn di tmpat laen juga.. that's my opinion lah..

but kena fikir jugak, rasanyer system scholarship JPA/MARA skarang dh lebih specific rasanyer.. i mean even time apply scholarship tuh dh kena pilih region mane nk study..

TAHNIAH atas result anda, oh nih rupanyer nazierah yg jadi part-time designer tuk iLi... RESTU /MMU ker???

oh kalu nak amek medic tapi result kurang sket physics...ade harapan cerah lagi..

kalu apply middle east lagi senang lah nk dpt... jgn risau sgt..fikir elok2 dulu psl bidang...

HINT: apply je semua, dpt x dpt citer laen...


Anonymous said...

salam...n hyee
juz nk tnye sket laa...
do we need surat tawaran uni/kolej ke arr?
n during ur tyme, do u need 2 write nan essay bout urself n da future career?
n how 2 write it???? bley sukati je keerr???
huhuhuhu sori 4 asking 2 much question .....(^.^)

Anonymous said...


i' totally surprise bout the fact that sometimes the interviewers will ask about biology syllibuses.
aiyoo...anyway, do we really need to write an essay for MARA interview??i'm a bit confuse. because in the enterview offer letter, xde pun suruh bwat essay.
die cuma sebut ttg ujian psikologi .. hmm
btw, thx..ur post really freaking me out...my interview was scheduled on 15th of april.2pm.
evrybdy,pls pray for my luck.
i really appreciate it.
and goodluck to others too.

Ammar Faris said...

To Anonymous 1 (ke yg second pun org sama?),

borang MARA tuh mmg borang yg agk lama yg di designate bukan untuk PILN candidates jerh.. so sebab tuh ade soalan yg kurang relevan tuk di jawab...

so x perlu surat tawaran uni or kolej, lagipun korang baru nk masuk persediaan bukan nyer nk masuk uni terus...

yup i did write a little bit about myself, my study plan, my future career... x de restriction... suka hati je write camner asalkan cover pe yg dinyatakan dlm borang tuh...

no prob...sorry sbb reply lambat...

Ammar Faris said...

To Anonymous 2,

one in a hundred kot dpt soklan camtuh.. i mean, jarang lah dpt soklan psl academic in detail.. so x perlu risau sgt... kalu kena pun try explain honestly.. and say you wanna learn more... sbb tuh nk study abroad... ;)

WAIT! seriously ke dier x tulis... ke surat JPA nih??

and seriously they put it as ujian psikologi rather than personality...???

BEST OF LUCK...anything, don't hesitate to ask...

hazirah said...

bro ammar,
die nk essay around 300 words..
n if u still keep ur essay may i have a look at it?
i have zero idea what to write..
hazirah dh add ym bro ammar..
hope u can help..
mine will be at 11 on 13th april 2009

M@1 Th1rtEeN said...

jus nk tye~
esei 2 kalo pnjg xpe kn??
neway cte la sket cmne nk buat esei 2..
still blank la bro...
idea skit pn jd la...
thx 4 da teview info... bru la x cuak skit tgk~

hanimunirah said...

sy munirah.
nk tnye bbrapa solan ni

1)may u explain more bout da essay? kalau blh, nk tgok cth essay bro dulu..

2)sy apply MARA utk economics US. tp xde la plak org citekan pgalamn utk kos ni. mostly medic n egineering. kalau bro ad kenalan yg bt bidang ni, blh bgtau sy? lg 1, blh x at the end of the interview session tu, kn dye tye ad solan ke x..so, blh x kalau sy bt request nk tukar negara? cthnye mtk ke jordan ke.. sbb US not my choice. mmg MARA yg tetap bt kos econs kat US..

3)td bro kate interview in english..tp dah 2 org sy tnye, mreka kate 80% in malay.20% je in english. so,cmne tuh?

4)bro sebenarnya dpt scholar MARA ke bank negara?

5)sy ad apply utk scholarship lain jugak.. n kalau diorang tye ad apply dr badan lain, nk jawab pe? kena honest ke x?


LeoLaLips said...

salam bro,
thanx a lot 4 da info
really useful
but i really dunno how 2 write da essy yg mara mntak 2...could u xplain a little bit??klu bleh nk tgop yg bro pnyer dlu...can i??

Anonymous said...

a very excellent info for me..
tp saya nak tanya..
blh x bg contoh 'smart questions' tk dtanya waktu sesi open Q&A tu?? saya x berapa tau soalan mcm mana yg nak ditanya..

ashrynn j said...

Salam :) emm whats the differences between MARA and JPA?

xxx said...

Hmm..nice advice!
gonna brush up my biology knowledge..
haha..nway im not from mrsm and would that affect my chance to be selected??

Nur Amalina Omar said...

Hey, thnx for sharing the experience n the tips! It's gonna be really helpful~ ^^

Atie Iekah said...

budak mrsm ke?
susah x mock interview?
bulan dpn dah nak mock interview...takut ar ..

Mohammad Amil Faiz Bin MOHD Sukeri said...

mohon dicopy n paste n print... thanxss... :)